Carpets & Carpet Tiles

Carpets will continue to be a preferred product category because it provides solutions other options cannot. Specifically in commercial settings, carpet’s aesthetics, comfort, noise reduction, safety, cleaning and maintenance make it still a popular choice among designers.
Carpet provides comfort and ergonomics underfoot, as well as visual and tactile texture. It also finishes and softens a space to make it feel warm and inviting while helping with acoustics. In a corporate setting, carpets also offers cushion to slips and falls that can become a safety necessity in retail, hospitality, residential and institutional settings.

From fashion and comfort to regional and global influences, the driving forces behind both modular and broadloom commercial carpet design trends are up for debate, but one thing is certain – carpet’s design options are limitless and designers are drawing inspiration from many angles.

Carpet Tiles

Most often used for commercial and business premises have a wide choice of designs and colors available. Carpet Tiles are durable, easy to clean, and are more economical as they are modular, so you can simply replace specific areas if worn. Another benefit is the simplicity of its installation compared to sheet carpeting, its installation is very straight forward and large areas can be laid in a short period of time.

Broadloom Carpeting

Broadloom carpets can enhance any room with casual simplicity, or create a showcase for formal elegance. Carpets are one of the most economical floor coverings to have installed, and its cushioned surface absorbs sound acting as a sound barrier between floors, making it less noisy to walk on than a hard-surfaced floor.

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