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Vinyl Flooring is a trending choice and has been growing in popularity among homeowners over the years, it is currently the fastest growing segment in the flooring industry. LVT as its more commonly referred to is the perfect choice for the fast modern lifestyle, it is extremely resistant and low-maintenance, as well as easy to install. Its efficient price, comfort, non-demanding care and its aesthetic look suits most homeowners lifestyles perfectly.

LVT Planks & Tiles – Karndean

Long considered the “gold standard” in luxury vinyl plank (LVT) flooring in the UK and the US, Karndean Designflooring is now an emerging brand here in the Caribbean. Over the past 40 years, the company has built a great reputation for making realistic luxury vinyl flooring products. Karndean is not a “mass market” budget manufacturer, consumers who are looking for a very high-quality design, a variety of styles and durability, choose Karndean with their impressive selection of colors, textures and looks. Karndean offers 8 different product ranges and more than 200 individual product choices, all inspired from different natural materials from around the world.

Why Karndean for Vinyl
Planks & Tiles

Unlike the natural materials they replicate, Karndean’s LVT products don’t crack or split, they are quieter and softer underfoot and they are low maintenance,  easier and quicker to install. Karndean’s luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable whether exposed each day to lively children and pets, or walked on daily by thousands of customers. Designed to last for many years, each floor carries a lifetime residential warranty.


Karndeans LVT glue-down formats involve the use of an adhesive to adhere the flooring plank securely to its base. The installer simply spreads the adhesive along the sub-floor using a trowel or a roll and this in turn holds the vinyl flooring securely in place.

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Karndeans Looselay, like its name suggests doesn’t require much adhesive, instead it uses a fricton grip system to hold the planks to the subfloor. It is considered the most versatile and easy to install of all the LVT options and is great for rooms where you want to reduce noise levels without using an underlay.

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Korlok Click-locking System

With Karndeans Korlok (click locking mechanism), floor installation has never been easier. The boards are locked on the long side with a traditional angling method allowing a vertical snap reassuring your floor is securily locked in place. Korlok can be laid over most hard floors without the need for adhesives.

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To learn more about Karndean’s full line of Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks, visit their website at-:

Vinyl Sheeting

Mannington’s Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring is a single layer vinyl floor which offers vibrancy and depth of color. It is stain resistant and very durable which makes it perfect for use in very high traffic areas. It is designed with the latest technology which offers striking beauty, easy of maintenance and is long lasting. It is the ideal flooring for commercial areas such as industries, schools, and health care centers.

Mannington’s Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring on the other hand is a multi layer vinyl floor with a printed top layer that is stylish, budget-friendly and durable with authentic wood looks. Mannington’s vinyl sheet flooring has unique designs that never go out of fashion. Their Vinyl Sheet flooring are waterproof, kid and pet friendly and easy to maintain. With both wood and tile looks that offer a realistic representation, it is ideal for high-moisture rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens because it can be installed without seams.

All Mannington floors are FloorScore® Certified which means they are independently tested and meet stringent indoor air quality standards. This certification also qualifies all of our floors for low VOC’s.

To learn more about Mannington’s full line of Vinyl Sheeting options, visit their website at-:

Vinyl Maintenance

Even though luxury vinyl tile flooring material is one of the most durable and damage – resistant products out there, the life of your flooring will be extended even more with the proper care. On a daily basis, you should be sure to clean your LVT flooring by sweeping away any loose sand, dirt, dust or debris. This may not seem like an important step but it will ultimately eliminate surface scratches to your flooring caused by high foot traffic.

Cleaning Products

Everything you need to keep your Karndean floor looking just as beautiful as the day it was installed.
To learn more about Karndean’s full line of Cleaning Products, visit their website at

Karndean Clean is an everyday cleaner with a netural pH to help keep your floor looking its best.

Karndean Remove is an alkaline based floor polish remover used for a nice deep clean and is usually followed by Karndean Refresh.

Karndean Refresh is a non-soluble polish that gives your floor the extra protection needed over time.

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