From Colonial to Victorian, mouldings go a long way to establish the style of a house or office building. These trim treatments generally serve as a transition between floors and walls and other building elements. Today a huge variety of mouldings are available depending on your essential needs as well as your budget.

Polyurethane Mouldings

Polyurethane mouldings are made from a dense foam material that has all the advantages of wood without the disadvantages of rotting, splintering and cracking. Polyurethane lasts longer than MDF moulding, it can be used in both interior and exterior buildings and is very lightweight and easy to install (perfect for DIY projects). Another benefit is it comes pre-primed and ready to be installed.

Plycem Moulding

Plycem moulding (a fibre cement board) is another great option as a replacement for wood. Its resistance to damage caused by moisture and termites as well as its versatility allows an easy smooth installation process and a great choice for any project.

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